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Fully recyclable barrier film

Nachhaltige Folien die recyclebar sind
The challenge

While high demands are placed on the functionality of the packaging to protect the food, the end-of-life recycling infrastructure also requires the packaging to be as simple as possible to ensure recyclability. Materials that are not compatible with the main polymers will jeopardise recyclability. For PP films, the focus is particularly on the EVOH barrier layer, which is required if oxygen exchange and flavour loss are to be prevented.

The solution
ALMA Packaging has therefore further developed the highly functional PP barrier films so that they can be recycled in the same way as mono-materials.
  1. Adaptation of the film design: The film design was adapted in accordance with the RecyClass recyclability assessment principles, the guidelines of the retail chains and the criteria of the sorting companies.
  2. This includes reducing the use of EVOH to below 5% without compromising the barrier effect of the packaging.
  3. Thanks to the existing recycling infrastructure for PP packaging, the optimised barrier film can be seamlessly integrated into the recycling process.
The result

This reference project illustrates how targeted product development and adaptation of the film design can help to improve the recyclability of packaging solutions while maintaining performance and quality.

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Dose von Alma


ALMA Packaging has an impressive track record of mastering many complex challenges at product and customer level. We use innovative materials and state-of-the-art technologies in the production of our packaging films. As a result, each packaging film made by ALMA not only creates added value for our customers, but also makes a significant contribution to the further development of the entire packaging industry. Our sustainable films also help protect the environment.
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Coffee capsules
made from bio-based film

Consumers not only require the coffee to be sustainable, but also the packaging. Together with our partners, we have therefore developed a coffee capsule film made from renewable raw materials and brought it to market maturity.

Polypropylen Folie Icon
Recyclable PP film
replacing metallised PET

How do you replace a vapour coated APET film with a more recyclable alternative? We have developed a recyclable polypropylene film that retains the eye-catching look and characteristic colour of the packaging.


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For further insights
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