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PS film

PS Folien von ALMA

Our food-grade polystyrene film is an extremely versatile and efficient solution for various packaging requirements. It is available in various versions, either as a mono film or with an increased oxygen barrier in the form of EVOH, depending on the specific requirements of the product to be packaged.

The sealing layer of this film can be made of flexible polystyrene (PS) or polyethylene (PE) to fulfil individual requirements and ensure protection for the packaged product. High transparency is possible with SBS film, which makes the contents visible and improves the aesthetic presentation.

A bio-based version of this polystyrene film is also available, which is made from sustainable raw materials such as tall oil and used cooking oil and is certified by ISCC Plus.


High efficiency in the customer’s downstream processes

Outstanding sealing properties

High flavour and oxygen protection

With light protection barrier

Excellent thermoforming properties

With and without gloss layer

Can be realised in all Pantone and RAL colours

Do you have questions about our products?

Do you have questions about our products?

Areas of application

Yoghurt and desserts
Container made with foil
Portion packs
Anzuchtplatten und Transport-Trays für Pflanzen
Trays for growing and transport of plants
Verpackungen für Medizinalprodukte (Spritzen, Ampullen etc.)
Packaging for medical products (syringes, ampoules, etc.)

Product examples

Kaffeekapseln in braun
Lebensmittelfolie von Alma
Kapseln für Kaffeemilch
Kapseln aus Lebensmittelfolie
Joghurtbecher aus Almafolie

Explore our entire product range.

Explore our entire product range.