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Thermoplastic Sheets, Form-Fill-Seal Plastic, Multi-Layer Films and More

Are you looking for thermoplastic sheets, form-fill-seal plastic, or a sophisticated film for other technical applications? ALMA Packaging offers you a wide range of high-quality mono- and multi-layer films with up to 9 layers and an optional high barrier. You will find suitable film solutions for numerous applications – for example for the manufacturing of food packaging, the production of pharmaceutical blister packs, or the encapsulation of photovoltaic modules. Our polymer films are available in various dimensions with thicknesses from 0.2 mm to 2.3 mm, widths of up to 1200 mm, and a wide range of first-rate materials. Discover the quality of our film variety!
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Are you looking for thermoforming sheets or any other type of mono- or multi-layer film?

Are you looking for thermoforming sheets or any other type of mono- or multi-layer film?

Product Portfolio

Our polymer films can be used in a variety of ways: They are used as thermoforming sheets, form-fill-seal plastic films or insulating films, for example, and fulfil the requirements of a wide range of industries. In thermoforming processes, they enable the production of precise, customised packaging for food, medical products, and other consumer goods. Our form-fill-seal plastic films offer a reliable packaging solution for products such as food and pharmaceutical articles alike, ensuring optimum sealing and shelf life.

Our mono- and multi-layer films are extremely efficient in many other applications. They are used in the automotive industry, the construction industry, and many other technical sectors. Thanks to the different material thicknesses, we can customise not only size, shape, and colour, but also other properties of the films to meet specific technical requirements – making them even suitable for the demanding production of structural components, protective panelling or insulation materials.

Bio film

We place great value on sustainability in our production of plastic sheets and films: for many of our packaging films, we use plastic material that is biodegradable and compostable. At the end of its life, the product breaks down into its natural components – which are harmless to the environment. Both PP and PS films can be realised as bio-based films with renewable raw materials instead of fossil-based materials, further reducing our ecological footprint.

PP Folie
PP film

Our PP packaging films for applications in the food and pharmaceutical sectors are available as mono- or multi-layer films with a high barrier. Choose your PP film option: with a polypropylene or polyethylene sealing layer, transparent, opaque, or in various colours, suitable for deep-freezing or microwaveable film with peel or reclose properties. PP films are recyclable and reduce material consumption as they have less weight than comparable PET plastics.

PS Folie
PS film

Our mono and high barrier polystyrene (PS) films are available with a polystyrene or polyethylene seal. The PS films are therefore suitable for the production of food packaging, for the packaging of medical products, the production of seed plates for plants, and various other thermoforming processes. Furthermore, great advantages of this type of plastic sheet are the variety of colours and the high process efficiency.

High-Tech Folie
High-tech films

We produce polymer films as well as silicone-coated, antistatic, or coloured films in gold and silver. In the field of food packaging, an odourless and tasteless ABS plastic sheet is a first-class solution. Our polymer films are extremely durable, resistant to extreme conditions, and highly customisable – perfect for electronic components or the encapsulation of photovoltaic and solar modules.

The ALMA Packaging AG Value Chain

ALMA is at the beginning of a value chain leading from packaging manufacturers and retailers to the end consumer. Our aim is to turn this value chain into a closed cycle that makes any given plastic sheet recyclable. This the main reason why we have developed high-performance recycled films and bio-films made from renewable raw materials.

Chaîne de valeur ALMA

Discover our Fields of Application

Do you need ABS plastic films for food packaging, form-fill-seal plastic film for pharmaceutical products or thermoforming sheets for any sort of technical applications? At ALMA Packaging, you will find various mono- and multi-layer films that are precisely tailored to your industry. We produce high-quality packaging films that display fresh food attractively and increase its shelf life. Furthermore, we offer customised solutions for the packaging of pharmaceutical products. With our thermoplastics, we also offer adaptable, robust, and high-quality products for the thermoforming industry. More about our industry-specific products and their description on our website:

Clear Filters
Rigid Film for Food Products
Rigid Film for Food Products
Blister Film for Pharmaceutical and Medical Packaging
Blister Film for Pharmaceutical and Medical Packaging
Technical Applications
Technical Applications

Do you need more information regarding the properties, possible sizes, or the price of our products?

Do you need more information regarding the properties, possible sizes, or the price of our products?