Sustainability at Alma

To ALMA Packaging AG, sustainability means treating all our stakeholders and nature with respect and never losing sight of tomorrow. Even though plastic is rarely associated with environmental awareness, we follow the goal of using human and natural resources respectfully and consciously in our products and to offer and develop sustainable solutions through innovation.

We implement sustainability in our business activities. Our PE/PP/EPP/EVOH/ABS/PB/SBS and K-Resin films are reusable and 100% recyclable. In addition to our recyclable plastic films, we have also developed our own biodegradable biofilm (PLA film), which is made from sustainable raw materials and is therefore compostable. By using the latest raw materials (e.g. tall oil) we follow the goal of making our products as climate neutral as possible.

Together with our customers we try to reduce packaging quantities as far as possible without compromising quality and wherever possible we use recyclable or compostable films.

With its voluntary participation in the programme of the Energy Agency for the Economy, ALMA is underlining its efforts to reduce CO2 emissions and optimise energy efficiency. ALMA is also certified according to ISCC PLUS and was awarded the silver medal by EcoVadis for its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) performance.

Alma Biofilms

Our awareness of sustainability combined with the urge to innovate led us to develop our own biodegradable biofilms, which are partly made from renewable GMO-free raw materials and are therefore compostable.

Alma’s Biofilms were developed in 2013 as PLA Mono and PLA Barrier films. The easy processing of the mono and barrier film quickly showed its advantages and in the meantime the PLA products are successfully used in the market like other PP barrier films.

Our biofilms are particularly suitable for thermoforming capsules, cups, trays and other biodegradable and industrially degradable products. Especially the stiffness and easy processing distinguishes our biofilms. In addition, the films have a very good heat distortion temperature of more than 110 °C, which is reached when processed accordingly.

Alma Biofilms meet the criteria of the EN 13432 standard and are therefore considered as certified, compostable and sustainable materials.
Even these films can be adapted to your needs.

ALMA rBPP film

We have extended our sustainable production by using tall oil for all our PP Mono and PP barrier applications.

Tall oil is a by-product of paper and wood production and therefore has no influence on crops which could also serve as staple foods. The resulting BIO PP material has identical processing properties as conventional PP films and additionally leads to high CO2 savings in plastic packaging (for example in coffee capsules, trays, cups etc). Through the use of wood waste as a raw material, we aim to provide another sustainable packaging solution to our customers and hence reduce our dependence on fossil raw materials to protect the climate. Our Bio PP films can have a tall oil content up to 95%, as certified by the ISCC mass balance.

The content of tall oil can be specified by the customer.


replacing fossil-based feedstock
second generation renewable
animal-free feedstock
palm oil-free feedstock
derived from forestry residue


In our modern in-house laboratory, we regularly develop and test new films to meet the specific requirements of our customers (e.g. in terms of cold and heat resistance, transparency, barrier properties, etc.). Using the latest technologies, we ensure that the quality of each film and the raw materials used for it are of the highest standard. This is also where the innovative product development of sustainable films takes place.

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