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For more than 40 years we have been processing granulate into multi-layer and complex plastic films, which are highly regarded in the food industry. Our extrusion systems are specifically designed to produce composite and multilayer films, which enables the production of films with up to nine layers as well as other special film. Alongside the basic materials like polystyrene (PS) and polypropylene (PP), we use materials such as EVOH, polyethylene and PEEL and other additives to produce high-quality multilayer films with a wide range of characteristics.

Our services cover the entire process, from concept development and consulting to extrusion. We focus deeply on the requirements of each customer and develop the films according to their individual wishes. Our eye for detail combined with our long-standing experience and competence ensures the highest quality at every step.

Product groups

Almaflex PS

Single and multi-layer polystyrene films with and without a gloss layer. Food safe. Available in all Pantone and RAL colours.

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Well thermoformable, food-safe polypropylene films made of homo- or copolymer.

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Almalen RC
Almaklar SBS

Different types of transparent polystyrene films with different impact resistance.

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Almalen M Bio Renewable

Mono and barrier films for which granules made from renewable raw materials are used. Available in the colours of your choice.

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Almaflex M

Coextruded composite films (multilayer films) made of different foreign plastics (e.g. PS/PE or PS/EVOH/PS etc.).

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Almalen M

Extruded composite films made of polypropylene, including a high oxygen barrier through EVOH. Available in Bi-Colour and all Pantone and RAL colors.

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Odourless and tasteless ABS films for food packaging and for technical applications.

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Alma Bio M

Mono and barrier films for which granules made from renewable raw materials are used. Available in the colours of your choice.

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Aluminium-free coffee packaging made of PP barrier film

Due to the high temperatures and high pressure that occurs in coffee machines, the quality requirements for films used in coffee capsules are particularly high. Our early entry into the coffee capsule segment led to the development of strong niche competencies in this field, which today not only makes us a key supplier of renowned brands, but also drives continuous innovation. Our self-developed barrier films feature optimum quality in terms of colour, layer distribution and stiffness, guaranteeing first-class functionality of the end products. The low level of rejects from customers and our high reliability make us a valued partner in this area as well.

contract manufacturing

Many years of experience in the field of extrusion, process reliability and dedicated expert personnel are our guarantee for decades of successful contract manufacturing. We meet the requirements of the global market through continuous investments in new machines and innovation as well as through our certifications according to BRCGS, among others.

Your machine capacity is already exhausted?

You are not familiar with the extrusion of special formulations/materials?

You have no experience with the processing of biological or renewable raw materials?

You would like to place your orders with a competent partner for other reasons?

Why should you outsource contract manufacturing to Alma Packaging AG?

Quite simple!

Your products combined with our know-how offer the following advantages:


Consistent first-class quality through years of expertise
Consulting and conception
Certified production processes
Material availability despite full capacity utilization
In-house laboratory for incoming and outgoing goods inspection
Faster response to customer orders

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